Is it OK to cheat when I’m trying to solve the Limriddle?

August 21, 2020

Sure. Actually, you can’t cheat at Limriddles because there are no rules.

Seriously, the object is to have fun trying to figure out the answer.  The Limriddler hopes that you’ll give it a go on your own first.  But if you get to a point where frustration is ruining your Friday – you’re yelling at the dog or sobbing during your morning meeting – try another solution. Collaborate with your family or workmates.  Phone a friend who might know what the heck a titmouse or a Slytherin is, or where to find Guam.  If all else fails, many clues are Google-able.

None of this is guaranteed to solve the Limriddle for you.  Even when you think a word works, you still need to test it against the other clues.  Hopefully, that’s when the light goes on and you wonder why you didn’t figure it out earlier!

The point is to make your Friday – which is already a darn good day – even better.

The Limriddler

Hiya! I’m the Limriddler. That’s right – the mysterious man behind the mask, embroiled in the dark underworld of idioms, homographs, rhymes and linguistic espionage. Truth is that without the mask I’m more nerd than supervillain. But I’ll torment you with tests of knowledge, logic, lateral thinking and even humour, all packed into a five-line Limriddle. And all you have to do is identify one word – how hard can that be?
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