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Bear of the Past

Gauge of what governs a gun barrel's size.
Drill to the depths where the mineral lies.
Bear when recast
To a time of the past.
Plodding professor more wordy than wise.

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(Not) Brave Sir Robin

Not brave Sir Robin in search of a grail.
Motor continue but motion curtail.
Meaningless chatter
Of things that don't matter.
Stuck like a slug sitting stagnant and stale.

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Bold Troubadour

Vibrant blue songbird's a bold troubadour.
Bye to the baby of nursery rhyme lore.
Hitting the ball
Without swinging at all.
Sleeping bag hoodie to snuggle and snore.

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Away From the Spray

Dodge a tough issue, as not to offend.
Business attire with a hole at each end.
How kayakers stay
Away from the spray.
Encircle the edge where the borders extend.

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Elbows and Shoulders

Hamlet's dark dread was his after-death dreams.
Spices on ribs boost their flavour, it seems.
Elbows for meeting
Or shoulders for greeting.
Soothe the sore spots using ointments or creams.

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Rag Dolls and Toy Soldiers

Home from which rag dolls and toy soldiers hail.
School where the students infrequently fail.
A classical rhyme
Transcends culture and time.
Saplings assemble for transplant and sale.

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