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What Heavens Inspire

The Heavens inspire what couples acquire.
What Hell might require to kindle its fire.
Eight hours spent
In a cricket event.
To pair a supplier with suitable buyer.

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Hiding in Woodlands

Cloudburst that threatens to blow up or blight us.
Burgeon or spread like unchecked cellulitis.
Warm colour scheme
Akin camel or cream.
What hides in woodlands and dines on detritus?

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Hike from the Hilltop

Hike in New Zealand from hilltop to sea.
Lady's man loved living life collar-free.
Close kindred chum
Of the hobo and bum.
Stomp on the plants in a petulant spree.

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Norwegian Blue

Python's pet parrot did yearn for the fjord.
We weaken and wither away when ignored.
Fragrance that quells
Your vehicle's smells.
Lodgepoles to cut, cleave and stack by the cord.

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Queen’s Knight

Granting indulgence to do or to vary.
Positing outcomes the future could carry.
Queen's noble knight
Queried zodiac light.
Twenty-first touchdown by Earhart at Derry.

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Sexy, Suave Suitor

Sexy, suave suitor the ladies adore.
Bauble for nostrils and leather decor.
Poker game version
For Vegas excursion.
What sort of farm grows a spruce two-by-four?

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