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Norwegian Blue

Python's pet parrot did yearn for the fjord.
We weaken and wither away when ignored.
Fragrance that quells
Your vehicle's smells.
Lodgepoles to cut, cleave and stack by the cord.

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Queen’s Knight

Granting indulgence to do or to vary.
Positing outcomes the future could carry.
Queen's noble knight
Queried zodiac light.
Twenty-first touchdown by Earhart at Derry.

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Sexy, Suave Suitor

Sexy, suave suitor the ladies adore.
Bauble for nostrils and leather decor.
Poker game version
For Vegas excursion.
What sort of farm grows a spruce two-by-four?

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Victimless Crimes

Victimless crimes create minimal grief.
Pester your pals with persnickety beef.
Run down a dream
With a heartbreaking team.
Stash of spare cash kept for random relief.

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Enemy Lurking

Search out the enemy lurking ahead.
Eager adventurer Baden-Powell led.
Early assessor
Of talent possessor.
Who feared Boo Radley for features misread?

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Bear the Brunt

Loners are only alone when they're one.
Tuscans refer to their radiant sun.
Dinner of Dover
Enjoyed the world over.
What bears the brunt of our weight when we run?

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