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Pub House Habitué

Ordered in time, as the moon and the tides.
Equal in all of its angles and sides.
Proper purgation
Without constipation.
Habitué sups as the pub house provides.

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Pirate’s Promenade

Hardy mahogany hewn for the floor.
Static resistance to strengthen the core.
Policy base
Puts programs in place.
Brief promenade for the pirate of yore.

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Young, Urban Alpha

Piece that's propelled with a paper punch pressed.
Libya's north and Nigeria's west.
First name for short
Or a nickname of sort.
Young, urban alpha who's confidence-blessed.

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Losing Your Chips

Lose all your chips with a terrible roll.
Criminal caught by the cop on patrol.
Shaped heads and shoulders
From Greek marble boulders.
Boom going bad as the bears take control.

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Shortstop’s Task

Subject to which research students commit.
Space through which magnetic forces emit.
Where agew goats graze
On millet and maize.
Task of a shortstop when grounders are hit.

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Halloween Goodie

Halloween goodie good givers purvey.
Bounce off a ball in a billiard play.
Band flaunting shock
Blasting hard metal rock.
Love letter sealed in a time-tested way.

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