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Sent From the Ark

Sent from the Ark while the whole world awaits.
Policy backer of low interest rates.
Plunged in the pool
In ploy to stay cool.
Beauty brand bath bar bedazzles your dates.

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Smooth Superior

Smooth Lake Superior, scarcely a wave.
Where Hawkeye contrived the martinis he’d crave.
Concisely express
Photo that seizes serene scenes to save.

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Targets to Blast

Projectile for long-distance targets to blast.
A ship sails the oceans bereft of a mast.
To tour at this pace
Won’t win you the race.
Acting amid an impossible cast.

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Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

What makes a horseshoe or hand grenade count?
Why hang a door on a spring-loaded mount?
Fond, though from far.
No winning cigar.
A deal's done when cash hits the seller's account.

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Canadian Syrup’s the Best

Deplete all your passion and zap all your zest.
Gullible goofball whose smarts are suppressed.
In German IT,
Who leads ERP?
What makes Canadian syrup the best?

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Scholar’s and Fool’s

Scholar's and Fool's bring the quickest of ends.
Practice on which procreation depends.
A tolerant wife
Is a keeper for life.
Blokes based in Brisbane with Canberra friends.

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