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Eggs Follow Chickens

How sod is applied, while seed is dispersed.
Not of the clergy, nor expertly versed.
The shape of the land
As contours expand.
How could eggs follow if chickens came first?

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Marvel of Mankind

Marvel of mankind manipulates much.
Tywin and Tyrion, serving as such.
Measure that’s right
For Seabiscuit’s height.
What favour to offer a friend in the clutch?

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Battle Manoeuvre

Battle manoeuvre imparts shock and flair.
Conferring a mandate or duty to bear.
What ions might feel.
Why thieves shouldn’t steal.
How some folks can spend without worry or care.

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Living Oak Tree

Not all’s alive in a living oak tree.
Design of a tall ship that once sailed the sea.
Chocolate-nut treat
Formed into a sheet.
Did Fido say “feed me” or “let me go pee”?

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Monk’s Membership

Monks maintain membership marked from the rest.
Cyclists keep sequence at two bikes abreast.
Command from the brass.
Between family and class.
Deportment observed at judicial behest.

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Senescence Forestall

Illness avoid and senescence forestall.
Capably done and approved overall.
Tears gather force.
Subsurface resource.
A word to begin that adds nothing at all.

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