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Geeks and Nerds

Beijing’s and Moscow’s are biggest, it’s true.
Science excels with the power of two.
Feels like ninety degrees
In the corners of these.
Before geeks and nerds, who’d we choose to eschew?

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Perch on the Porch

Perch on the porch in a slow-motion sway.
Pull off a task in a deft, skillful way.
Critical votes
Where majority floats.
The jazz age was joined by a hot dance entrée.

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Cabernet Crushed

Cabernet crushed so the flavours awake.
Media free to be truthful or fake.
Conquer the crinkly,
The rumply and wrinkly.
Gutenberg gave what the adman could take.

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Requite or Redress

Requite or redress with an action to try.
Meeting the needs, with the purpose comply.
Trump can win more,
It’s one every four.
A manager’s more than a white shirt and tie.

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Chenille and Chiffon

How cashmere, chenille and chiffon all begin.
Essence of being, our strength from within.
Luminous bands
From silica strands.
Some cellulose exits much as it went in.

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Men Appease Women

Men appease women though this they oppose.
Substitute, switch or replacement impose.
Watch ten pence and dimes
Disappear with the times.
Did you mean yourself or was that just your clothes?

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