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Emily’s Etiquette

Emily’s etiquette wasn’t surpassed.
In UK elections, it’s first to get past.
The mailbox’s mount.
Record an account.
If texts arrive first, which delivery is last?

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Fastest Gun in the West

Wild Bill once claimed fastest gun in the West.
But using a pencil or pen might be best.
What chess masters choose,
If likely to lose.
Banff Springs Hotel brings both tourist and guest.

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Gordian’s Knot

Gordian’s knot or King Arthur’s sword.
Makes a map tougher to read, if ignored.
Who sang us Glory
In Selma’s film story?
Florence, while living, was praised and adored.

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Anchored and Sound

Assets attached to be anchored and sound.
Rigging the race for the horse or the hound.
Engine repaired.
Lunch is prepared.
Nitrogen changed to a stable compound.

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Bout of an Illness

Bout of an illness when symptoms appear.
File in the legal or social work sphere.
Check out the joint
Lest the crime disappoint.
A brief one can serve an entire career.

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Risk-Averse Bird

Allure to avoid for the risk-averse bird.
Obfuscate issues with meaning obscured.
With angel-like hair
And ice-creamy air.
For storing your data, an image absurd.

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