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Penalty Kicks

Why choose a striker for penalty kicks?
How many days in a fortnight plus six?
Reprisal adjudge
To settle the grudge.
Fissure in glass that the diamond inflicts.

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Winterfell Stalkers

House that has rooms painted red, green and blue.
Breaking Bad Walter did drug crimes pursue.
Westeros walkers
Were Winterfell stalkers.
Reflecting all wavelengths but having no hue.

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Debt to Remember

Remember the dead, to whom all owe a debt.
Phone once again if there's no answer yet.
Costly rework
Of a vehicle quirk.
Feature-film Martian can never forget.

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Books, Bones and Sponges

Books remain bound, be they weathered and worn.
Bundle of bones to the body adorn.
Hero's assumption
Of grit, guts and gumption.
Sea sponge's spicule and prickly pear's thorn.

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Witches with Brooms

Where to plant bluebells to blossom and bloom.
Gossipy rumours of who's seeing whom.
Shoes seem to find
Gifts dogs leave behind.
What witches expel with a wave of the broom.

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Brandy and Wine

Blending the best of a brandy and wine.
Red lights on vessels are there by design.
Pick a place warm
To ride out the storm.
Peripheral cords with computers combine.

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