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Sofa’s Surprise

The hansom and horse launched the cabriolet.
A bond with a call on the equity play.
The sofa's surprise --
It's a bed in disguise!
Leaf fans back Habs, as they're still in the fray.

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Pigs Play Gigs

Pigs poke and prod with their snouts in the ground.
Base of the chord sings its resonant sound.
Lead the team cheer.
How trees disappear.
Exponents, like cubes, flipped the other way 'round.

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Sweeney Todd’s Pies

The Romans were first to inhabit the street
Where Sweeney Todd's pies sourced their sumptuous meat.
King Philip had a
Forbidding Armada.
Brave Laura Secord was fast on her feet.

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Trading ship spurred ancient Asians to riches.
Things Marie Kondo declutters or ditches.
Loans of high yield.
Parts best concealed.
Knuckleball, screwball and odd, off-speed pitches.

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Think Through the Theory

Think through the theory by using your head.
Numeral symbol for number instead.
When she's turned eight,
The child's learned to skate.
Physique people seek may defy being fed.

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Shakespeare’s World

To Shakespeare, the world found its metaphor here.
Where concert fans gather to gyrate and cheer.
A phase in progression
Or grade of succession.
In Westerns, routinely, it's robbed from the rear.

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