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Irritant Insect

Irritant insect inciting an itch.
Secret device of a spy or a snitch.
Devotee or buff
Digging hobbyist stuff.
Geek-irking, tortuous, programming glitch.

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Dense Districts

Tower-filled districts with dense avenues.
Moniker eight early popes chose to use.
Country boy Keith
From a land underneath.
Afro-American rhythm and blues.

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Music and Margaritas

National Rally's a factor in France.
Wrongly accused takes an innocent stance.
Time to serve tea
Or dump it at sea.
Mix margaritas, play music and dance.

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Before It’s Too Late

Funds to find shelter and hunger abate.
Painting technique to dimension create.
Sentry's request
To afford her a rest.
Track down a toilet before it's too late.

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Churchill’s Retorts

Churchill's retorts could outmatch anyone.
For Dennis, its lowest form's found in the pun.
To "namely" convey,
Meaning "that is to say."
Where reason has ended and humour is done.

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Lower Back Lifting

Lower back damage that lifting can do.
Multiple mutating forms of the flu.
Trust becomes stressed
When it's put to the test.
Pour over pores only broth passes through.

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