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Senescence Forestall

Illness avoid and senescence forestall.
Capably done and approved overall.
Tears gather force.
Subsurface resource.
A word to begin that adds nothing at all.

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Camel Clutch

Camel clutch, bear hug – they’re hard to repel.
Time ticks eternal in telecom hell.
Control is in grasp
With fingers to clasp.
Brokers can tell us “don’t buy but don’t sell?”

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Lively Dispute

Lively dispute in a moment of heat.
How Iron Age Celts planted barley and wheat.
Death, millionaires
In congregate lairs.
Glide through the water, not kicking your feet.

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Prominent Pontiffs

How twenty-three prominent pontiffs were known.
The christening of Christ wasn’t done on his own.
Colloquial name
For a client of shame.
Need not be regal to sit on the throne.

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Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa

What Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa inspire.
Attraction, affection, compelling desire.
Your score could be none.
Your pledge is to one.
Ambition and interest that kindle your fire.

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Swashbuckling Wranglers

Swashbuckling wranglers go head over tail.
Tender deployed in completing a sale.
Candy was sweet
And an uncle to beat.
A dashing young man or an ungulate male?

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