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Stuck in Suspense

Readers of thrillers are stuck in suspense.
Cold-blooded killers requite their offense.
Chilling with friends.
Left at loose ends.
Fabric on walls shows an artistic sense.

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Ham and Jam

Vast open land of the clover and oak.
Statehood that passionate patriots stoke.
Home of smoked ham
And Ma’s home-made jam.
Born of the blues, blending old-time with folk.

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Nightingale’s Nest

Nestled in shells in the nightingale’s nest.
Grasp in a grip that’s controlled and compressed.
Smooth torque transition
From block to transmission.
In moments of moment to be at your best.

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Duck Discourse

Match the last bid, stopping short of a raise.
Contacting clients in telecom ways.
Sounds mallards make
That hunters can fake.
If prices go up, what’s the option that pays?

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Summer in Timbuktu

Timbuktu summers are sunny and dry.
Reward that you reap, as your acts justify.
An isle apropos
Of Daniel Defoe.
How Twain bid the Southern Militia goodbye.

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The Fall From the Wall

Knot up your yacht where it won't waft away.
Freud assessed stuff we mistakenly say.
What caused the fall
From Humpty's brick wall?
An old-fashioned relic of gals' lingerie.

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