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Moose Mating Calls

Banks going bust from deposit withdrawals.
Brave spawning salmon ascending the falls.
It happens with hoses,
New nylons and noses.
How to react to male moose mating calls.

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Tea Time

Flavonoid content is high in the tea.
Shades of resentment cast enviously.
Rookies are new,
Discomfited too.
Sustainable world that's impurity free.

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Swift Slalom Ski

What to avoid in a swift slalom ski.
Wealthy beneficent tech retiree.
Ports to depart
For take-offs to start.
Suffix for scandals since seventy-three.

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Leisurely Lions

Leisurely lions lie sheltered in shade.
Stonewall Inn riots inspired a parade.
Boldness to beam
With earned self-esteem.
As one of the famed seven sins, it's portrayed.

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Nose and Fresh Fruit

Practice performed with the nose and fresh fruit.
Choice of sommeliers extolled as astute.
What pries, digs and hacks
in the guise of an axe?
Basketball block on defense in pursuit.

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Illusory Children

Illusory children possessing perfection.
System of postulates yields a projection.
Platform and year
Of the Chev Cavalier.
Runway reveals the Armani collection.

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