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Left in the Beaker

Precipitate's action when left in the beaker.
Plaintiff's default if the claim's looking weaker.
Make good on a bet.
Ease stomach upset.
Concede is the creed of the milder and meeker.

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Tree Frogs and More

Galway’s defence when the chill blows ashore.
Sleeveless and collarless dress pinafore.
Battery cable
To current enable.
Grasshopper, jackrabbit, tree frog and more.

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Climbing the Cliff

Climb up the cliff face of El Capitan.
Maps depict relative distance and span.
What creatures might wear,
With no body hair.
Von Trapps chose a note for each kid in the clan.

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Two Straws Unite

Two straws unite where true love is inspired.
Split cedar siding makes homes much admired.
To cause agitation
With no provocation.
How deals are confirmed without lawyers required.

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Mountain to Shrine

Camino meanders from mountain to shrine.
Lean out to windward, the hull to align.
Crank up your drawers
Or prices in stores.
Snap of the pigskin from team’s scrimmage line.

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Stuck in Suspense

Readers of thrillers are stuck in suspense.
Cold-blooded killers requite their offense.
Chilling with friends.
Left at loose ends.
Fabric on walls shows an artistic sense.

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