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Which One Won’t Win?

Pop's anti-hero, depressed and dejected.
Bank code determines where funds are directed.
Canny and clever
At thinking endeavour.
The race won't be won by the one we expected.

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Stress Expressed

Molars express all the stresses they feel.
Dull, boring jobs are a daily ordeal.
Rotating hips
With provocative dips.
Wheat meets its match at the millstone and wheel.

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Whale’s Tail

Online security cracked by a scam.
Gap in the gate from a battering ram.
Wave of the tail
Of a surfacing whale.
Contract commitment reduced to a sham.

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Rusty Old Tug

Rusty old tug to the seabed commend.
Bin for briquettes to the coal stove attend.
Scamper or scurry
In haste or a hurry.
Seagull eccentric and Ariel's friend.

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Cup o’ Hot Punch

Cup o' hot punch for the nights when it's freezin'.
Full o' good feelings, whatever the reason.
Team o' teen girls
Does flips, jumps and twirls.
Shout o' delight on account o' the season.

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Furnish the Fir

Furnish the fir with magnificent splendor.
Upgrade the options from fender to fender.
Even the edges
Of eyebrows and hedges.
New year's resolve to be fitter and slender.

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