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Beach in the Buff

Bathing at Lady Beach in the buff.
Rosey-red ruby that's ragged and rough.
Salmon tartare
Served with carp caviar.
Talent we haven't honed hardly enough.

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Battle the Clock

Battle the clock in a Tour de France ride.
Beta test needed to standards abide.
Strive and aspire
Or falter by fire.
Jury and judge seeking justice applied.

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Mexican Salsa

Trade that ignited a maritime quest.
Beckham and Bunton were stardom possessed.
Variety rife
Is the essence of life.
What gives a Mexican salsa its zest?

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Ill-Fated Lamb

Destiny feared by the ill-fated lamb.
Skillset to tackle a feat or exam.
Sous-chef prepares
His fruit salad wares.
Site for insertion of biscuits and jam.

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Fear Absolute

Ignorance, pleasure or fear absolute.
Diaphanous, delicate dress attribute.
Ston's city walls
And Victoria Falls.
Sudden directional change in the route.

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Tweak Your Technique

Tweak your technique in the fine-tuning sense.
Expressing what's past with a verb's present tense.
Numbers that come
To their aliquot sum.
Ed found a love without doubt or pretense.

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