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Tangle Mangle

Combs catch in tangles and mangled split ends.
Overhands, sheepshanks and fisherman’s bends.
Where on the tree
The limbs used to be.
Ship speed in language the crew comprehends.

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Backwards in High Heels

At odds with the way that the enemy feels.
Poles that are pulled to the other’s appeals.
Differently signed
And zero combined.
Ginger matched Fred, dancing backwards in heels.

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How Sunflowers Feel

A rough understanding of which facts are real.
The tangible stamp of a Notary's seal.
Your image projected
On others affected.
Monet sought to capture how sunflowers feel.

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Ode to Old Men

On whom youth is wasted -- of this, Shaw was sure.
How old stags and rams to their offspring refer.
Die in this state,
Preferably late.
He told the old man "I'm a lot like you were."

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Bop on the Noggin

While jibing, it might give your noggin a bop.
When market activities surge to the top.
Log drives kept bound.
Sonic speed sound.
An over-sized box packed with ’80s hip hop.

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Hide-and-seek charms every child and adult.
Manipulate system for favoured result.
Glad to explore
Whatever's in store.
Hunting wild fox was the noblemen’s cult.

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