Camel Clutch

January 8, 2021

Answer: Hold

Camel clutch, bear hug – they’re hard to repel.

These are two popular holds used in professional wrestling. They may also come in handy around home, especially if stuck in isolation with others.  Someone hogging the remote or devouring all the leftovers? Put’em in a camel clutch!

Time ticks eternal in telecom hell.

On hold…….!  Estimates are that we spend 13 hours a year and over 40 days of our lives on hold.  “But your call is important to us…we’re experiencing higher than normal call volume…”

Control is in grasp

With fingers to clasp.

Hold in your hand.

Brokers can tell us “don’t buy but don’t sell?”

Brokerage firms rate stocks on a scale that generally includes buy, sell and hold.  If a stock is rated “buy,” it’s recommended that you buy it.  If it’s a “sell” you should sell it if you currently own it. Makes sense. If it’s rated “hold,” it’s recommended that you not buy it, but if you already own it, you should not sell it.  What?

Limleaders List

Lots of responders today.  Steve R takes top spot with 1 minute turnaround and Joe N and Karen S were both at two minutes.  Yikes!

  1. Steve R., Toronto, Ontario
  2. Karen S. Thornbury, Ontario,  and Joe N., Ridgeway, Ontario
  3. Adam S., Toronto, Ontario
  4. Eric K., Toronto, Ontario
  5. Rick B., Oakville, Ontario
  6. Brock C., Calgary,  Alberta
  7. Bruce P., Canberra, Australia
  8. Laura M., Toronto, Ontario
  9. Kathy E., Guelph, Ontario
  10. Susan S., Calgary, Alberta

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