Climbing the Cliff

October 1, 2021

Answer: Scale

Climb up the cliff face of El Capitan.

For those who like to scale high cliffs, El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, USA is one of the most recognizable and tempting of the big walls around the world.  It measures 900 meters from its base and was first scaled in 1958, requiring 47 days. 

Maps depict relative distance and span.

Span is the amount of space something covers. Since maps are rarely life-size, they typically include a scale in the legend to indicate the ratio of the map dimension to the actual area depicted. 

What creatures might wear,

With no body hair.

While some animals are covered in hair or fur, fish prefer to wear scales as their outer-garment.

Von Trapps chose a note for each kid in the clan.

Do-Re-Mi is a show tune from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, The Sound of Music, which was adapted for the big screen, starring Julie Andrews.  In the story, Maria uses the tune to teach the musical scale to the Von Trapp kids.  Each of the seven children assumes one note of the scale and Maria pitches in to make it eight.  

Limleaders List

Whoa!  The top 10 answered in 2 minutes! A clever bunch of harmonizing cliff-climbers.  Today’s prize winners (OK, just bragging rights) are:

  1. Linda P., Vaughan, Ontario
  2. Rob M., Toronto, Ontario
  3. Joan-Marie D., Markham, Ontario
  4. Susan R., Coldbrook, Nova Scotia
  5. Steve R., Toronto, Ontario
  6. Tom D., Haliburton, Ontario
  7.  Sue S., Calgary, Alberta
  8. Christine DC, Stoney Creek, Ontario
  9. Kayla D., Sudbury, Ontario
  10. John M., Moosbrunn, Austria

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