Geeks and Nerds

November 20, 2020

Answer: Squares

Beijing’s and Moscow’s are biggest, it’s true.

Tiananmen Square and Red Square are the two largest city squares in the world by area.

Science excels with the power of two.

Numbers multiplied by themselves are squares, i.e., raised to the power of two.  Squares form the basis of so much in mathematics and engineering, including the Pythagorean theorem in geometry, Newton’s laws of motion in physics, and variance analysis in statistics.  Praise be to squares!

Feels like ninety degrees

In the corners of these.

When you’re sitting in a corner, it might feel like 90 degrees. That’s because corners of squares are right angles. It’s another one of those geometry things.

Before geeks and nerds, who’d we choose to eschew?

We would pick on squares, naturally – in many respects, they were earlier versions of geeks and nerds.  But let’s not be harsh.  If you solved this Limriddle, there’s a bit of nerd in you!

Limleaders List

  1. Rick B., Oakville, Ontario
  2. Steve R., Toronto, Ontario
  3. Martin C., Calgary, Alberta
  4. Bob A., Toronto, Ontario
  5. Barbara M., Toronto, Ontario
  6. Gerald L., North Bay, Ontario
  7. Erin R., Toronto, Ontario
  8. Barbara and Bruce P., Canberra, Australia
  9. Leslie L., North Bay, Ontario
  10. Chris W., Erin, Ontario

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