Left in the Beaker

October 15, 2021

Answer: Settle

Precipitate's action when left in the beaker.

Remember that chemistry class when the dissolved substance settled out of the solution at the bottom the beaker?  No, not that memorable?

Plaintiff's default if the claim's looking weaker.

If a trial isn’t looking too promising, the Plaintiff may attempt to settle the legal suit out of court.

Make good on a bet.

To settle a bet, the loser pays the winner.

Ease stomach upset.

You might settle your upset stomach by taking ginger or chamomile, or buying various drugstore meds, or stop reading in the backseat of the car.

Concede is the creed of the milder and meeker.

Sometimes we settle “for” something, implying that it’s only second best.  Maybe we gave up early, or maybe the cards were stacked against us in the first place.

Limleaders List

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  1. Steve R., Toronto, Ontario
  2. Rob M., Toronto, Ontario
  3. Sue S., Calgary, Alberta
  4. Duncan R., Thunder Bay, Ontario
  5. Sue R., Coldbrook, Nova Scotia
  6. Kayla D., Sudbury, Ontario
  7. Darcy R., Oakville, Ontario
  8. Terry P., Toronto, Ontario
  9. Joe N., Ridgeway, Ontario
  10. Peggy R., Calgary, Alberta

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