Stress Expressed

January 20, 2023

Answer: Grind

Molars express all the stresses they feel.

Molars grind together when they, or their host animals, are experiencing stress. They don’t actually grind anything, except themselves.

Dull, boring jobs are a daily ordeal.

Dull, boring and repetitive jobs, or tasks, are a grind.

Rotating hips

With provocative dips.

The grind is a type of dance where partners engage in very close proximity. Further details do not meet the editorial standards for Limriddle content.

Wheat meets its match at the millstone and wheel.

Wheat is no match for the millstone and wheel. It has been losing the war ever since the windmill started to grind grain.

Limleaders List

Congrats to all on a job well done!  The top 40 correct finishers this week were:

  1. Amelia R., Toronto, Ontario
  2. Ryan M., Toronto, Ontario
  3. Duncan R., Thunder Bay, Ontario
  4. Rosalind M., Peterborough, Ontario
  5. Rob M., Toronto, Ontario
  6. Louise C., Calgary, Alberta
  7. Joan-Marie D., Markham, Ontario
  8. John M., Moosbrunn, Austria
  9. Sue S., Calgary, Alberta
  10. Patricia K., Brampton, Ontario
  11. Sandy S., Oakville, Ontario
  12. Bill H., Edinburg, Texas
  13. Bev C., Toronto, Ontario
  14. Paul K., Peterborough, Ontario
  15. Karen K., Peterborough, Ontario
  16. Bruce P., Canberra, Australia
  17. Trisha B., Canberra, Australia
  18. Tracie C., Guelph, Ontario
  19. Joe K., Mississauga, Ontario
  20. Giancarlo C., Brampton, Ontario
  21. Roxanne S., Lombardy, Ontario
  22. Maureen D., Kitchener, Ontario
  23. Carrie L., Brockville, Ontario
  24. Susan F., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  25. Dave D., Oakville, Ontario
  26. Greg M., Toronto, Ontario
  27. Barb N., Pickering, Ontario
  28. Joe N., Ridgeway, Ontario
  29. Peggy R., Calgary, Alberta
  30. Duncan G., London, Ontario
  31. Hal S., St. Albert, Alberta
  32. Deb R., Oakville, Ontario
  33. Rosemary K., Peterborough, Ontario
  34. Eric K., Toronto, Ontario
  35. Mark M., Toronto, Ontario
  36. Barb M., Toronto, Ontario
  37. Frank C., Toronto, Ontario
  38. Jane S., Citizen of the World
  39. Chris C., Comox, British Columbia
  40. Astrid L., Milton, Ontario

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