Stuck in Suspense

September 10, 2021

Answer: Hanging

Readers of thrillers are stuck in suspense.

Few things are more hair-raising than a good thriller. The best ones just leave you hanging – waiting for the guy with the axe to start chopping at the door.

Cold-blooded killers requite their offense.

Hanging refers to being put to death by suspension by the neck.  The first known account of execution by hanging was in Homer’s Odyssey.

Chilling with friends.

Hanging or chilling with friends means spending time together, with no activity specified or even required.

Left at loose ends.

Hanging can mean being left without purpose, direction or basic information as to what’s going on.

Fabric on walls shows an artistic sense.

A wall hanging is a craft that bestows a wall with art, decoration, or a bit of both. It often consists of fabric, rather than paint.    

Limleaders List

Lots of quick responders today!  This one appealed to all those people chilling on death row, while reading suspense novels (with their cells decorated in wall hangings).  The first 10 to answer correctly were:

  1.  Christine DC, Stoney Creek, Ontario
  2.  Amelia R., Toronto, Ontario
  3.  Louise C., Calgary, Alberta
  4. Terry P., Toronto, Ontario
  5. Paul K., Peterborough, Ontario
  6. Michael A., Citizen of the World
  7. Martin C., Calgary, Alberta
  8. Carrie L., Lansdowne, Ontario
  9. Mary-Ellen M., Unionville, Ontario
  10. Nancy R., Goderich, Ontario

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