Sweeney Todd’s Pies

June 4, 2021

Answer: Fleet

The Romans were first to inhabit the street

Where Sweeney Todd's pies sourced their sumptuous meat.

Fleet Street, London, was an important route even in Roman times.  Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street was a fictional character in musical theatre and film (Jonny Depp) who murdered his barber shoppe customers with a straight razor and processed them into meat pies. Yum! (Note the eyeball and finger in the pie)

King Philip had a

Forbidding Armada.

The Spanish Armada was a naval fleet of 130 ships serving King Philip II.  In 1588, the Armada invaded England to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I.  English ships sailing from Plymouth proved faster than the Spanish Galleons and repelled the attack.

Brave Laura Secord was fast on her feet.

Laura Secord, a Canadian heroine of the War of 1812 was fleet of foot.  She is known for having traversed 32 kilometers (20 miles) on foot out of American-occupied territory in time to warn British forces of an impending American attack, contributing to victory at the Battle of Beaver Dams on the Niagara Peninsula. Secord had seven children (five at the time of the war) and lived to be 93.  She was not associated with the Laura Secord Chocolate company, but they were named after her on the centennial of her trek.

Limleaders List

Nice work, everyone.  Here are the first 10 to answer correctly. And special mention to Duncan R., who was first to come up with five nations featured in the Limriddle.

Nations featured: Clue 1: Ancient Rome and England or Britain (both often referred to as nations). Clue 2: Spain (Armada was a Habsburg Spanish Fleet); England and Netherlands, which the Armada was defending (though Netherlands was kind of Spanish then). Clue 3. US; Britain; the Dakota Nations; and Canada (which was kind of British then).

  1. Amelia R., Toronto, Ontario
  2. Steve R., Toronto, Ontario
  3. Joe N., Ridgeway, Ontario
  4. Rob M., Gravenhurst, Ontario
  5. Astrid L., Milton, Ontario
  6. Philip V., Montreal, Quebec
  7. Sharon D., Haliburton, Ontario
  8. Duncan R., Thunder Bay, Ontario
  9. Paul K., Peterborough, Ontario
  10. Susan S., Calgary, Alberta

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