Tea Time

March 17, 2023

Answer: Green

Flavonoid content is high in the tea.

Green tea contains flavonoids, which are more prevalent in green tea than in black tea.  Flavonoids are rich in antioxidants that protect your cells against free radicals. And who wants radicals running around free in their cells?

Shades of resentment cast enviously.

When envy is characterized as a shade or colour, it tends to be green.

Rookies are new,

Discomfited too.

A new hire might be referred to as green and in need of guidance, training, reassurance, or maybe some embarrassing induction ritual.

Sustainable world that's impurity free.

Maintaining a green planet requires environmental awareness and the preservation of natural resources.

Limleaders List

Green is the favourite colour of the Limriddler!!  Sorry the Limriddle was a bit late today. First, we had to locate the little Leprechaun, and sure enough he was in an Irish pub somewhere celebrating, and then we had to sober him up and, well, long story.  The first correct responders by 5:30 this week were:

  1. Bill H., Edinburg, Texas; Tom D., Haliburton, Ontario
  2. Sue S., Kauai, Hawaii
  3. Karen K., Peterborough, Ontario
  4. Amelia R., Toronto, Ontario
  5. Steve K., Peterborough, Ontario
  6. John M., London, Ontario
  7. Thomas W., Citizen of the World
  8. Duncan R., Thunder Bay, Ontario
  9. Lynn R., Oakville, Ontario
  10. Warren G., Kitchener, Ontario
  11. Ron P., Brantford, Ontario
  12. Kathy E., Guelph, Ontario
  13. Joan-Marie D., Markham, Ontario
  14. Sandra S., Oakville, Ontario
  15. Cherie H., Citizen of the World
  16. Dave D., Oakville, Ontario
  17. Susan R., Coldbrook, Nova Scotia
  18. Terri P., Toronto, Ontario
  19. Peter K., Kingston, Ontario
  20. Randy K., Oakville, Ontario
  21. Archie B., Halton Hills, Ontario
  22. Jim D., Markham, Ontario
  23. Louise C., Calgary, Alberta

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