Tree Frogs and More

October 8, 2021

Answer: Jumper

Galway’s defence when the chill blows ashore.

When the cold wind comes howling off Galway Bay, Galwegians pull on their jumpers.  North Americans call these sweaters, but what do they know?

Sleeveless and collarless dress pinafore.

In North America, a jumper is a simple form of pinafore dress, sometimes with patch pockets.

Battery cable

To current enable.

Jumper cables, or jump leads, are thick electrical cables fitted with clips at either end, and used to jump start a dead battery from a live current.

Grasshopper, jackrabbit, tree frog and more.

Jumpers include many insects, mammals and amphibians.  Some jumpers look quite dapper in their jumpers.

Limleaders List

Great work, all! the Irish clue was for the benefit of those in Limerick, Ireland, who now receive the Limriddle in the Limerick Leader, their local newspaper.  Maybe we’ll soon see a Limerick Leader reader on the Limleader List!

Our top 10 this week were:

  1. Michael A., Vaughan, Ontario
  2. John M., Moosbrunn, Austria
  3. Duncan R., Thunder Bay, Ontario
  4. Eric K., Toronto, Ontario
  5. Paul K., Peterborough, Ontario
  6. Sue S., Calgary, Alberta
  7. Rob M., Gravenhurst, Ontario
  8. Carrie L., Lansdowne, Ontario
  9. Rosemary K., Peterborough, Ontario
  10. Sandy S., Oakville, Ontario

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