Two Straws Unite

September 24, 2021

Answer: Shake

Two straws unite where true love is inspired.

There’s nothing so intimate as sharing a shake with your date. It’s bound to inspire love, if only one’s love of thick, sudsy, milkshake. Mmmm.

Split cedar siding makes homes much admired.

A wooden shake is fashioned from a split log – typically cedar – and serves both form and function for the roof and siding of a home.

To cause agitation

With no provocation.

To shake an object – say a ketchup bottle – is to move it back and forth vigorously.  It’s a form of agitation, but not the emotional kind, unless you lose your temper with the ketchup.

How deals are confirmed without lawyers required.

Shake on it. In business and diplomacy, a shake of the hands symbolizes an oath or promise that’s recognized worldwide. For simple deals, it might even be a good substitute for a lawyer. Imagine.

Limleaders List

Awesome! This was a natural for all you milkshake-loving, lawyer-spurning folks with cedar siding.  The top 10 to answer correctly were:

  1. Sue S., Calgary, Alberta
  2. Duncan R., Thunder Bay, Ontario
  3. Michael A., Woodbridge, Ontario
  4. Mary-Ellen M., Unionville, Ontario
  5. Joan-Marie D., Markham, Ontario
  6. Christine D.C., Stoney Creek, Ontario
  7. Tom D., Haliburton, Ontario
  8. Greg M., Toronto, Ontario
  9. Paul K., Peterborough, Ontario
  10. Kayla D., Sudbury, Ontario


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