Is the Limriddler Irish?

August 19, 2020

He might look a bit Irish.  Some have imagined that, without the clever disguise of his mask, he’d resemble a Leprechaun.  But that’s just speculation.

Truth is, the Limriddler is Canadian.  Sometimes that’s apparent from his Canadian-centric Limriddles.  You might also notice his Canadian spelling of certain words.  Canadian English borrows some spelling from the Brits (colour) and some from the Yanks (civilization).  And Canadian pronunciation occasionally differs from the Brits, Yanks and Aussies, thanks to the French-Canadian influence (foyer).  Otherwise, Canadians enjoy a mix – with trucks (not lorries), pop (not soda) and trunks (not boots).  Oh, and in Canada you wouldn’t refer to a man’s sweater as a jumper because that’s a little girl’s dress.

The Limriddler does his best to respect diversity and conjure up clues that will engage everyone.  He might extol the mischief of a Leprechaun, but there are troublemakers in all cultures.

The Limriddler

Hiya! I’m the Limriddler. That’s right – the mysterious man behind the mask, embroiled in the dark underworld of idioms, homographs, rhymes and linguistic espionage. Truth is that without the mask I’m more nerd than supervillain. But I’ll torment you with tests of knowledge, logic, lateral thinking and even humour, all packed into a five-line Limriddle. And all you have to do is identify one word – how hard can that be?
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